An exceptional burger patty made using only clean, plant based wholefoods and premium ingredients that don't hurt the planet with absolutely no nasties, none, nada.


We don't pretend to be meat. We don't smell like meat, bleed like meat, sizzle like meat, taste like meat. Nope. Just an exceptional patty using real, premium ingredients and flavour combos that make you go "holy good". Simple.


Made from brown rice, black beans, onion, rice flour, sunflower seeds, mushroom, maize starch, tomato paste, vegetable oil (canola), yeast extract, natural flavour, spices, vegetable gum (guar), garlic, salt, natural smoke flavour (0.2%), beetroot juice powder, the Holy Smoke is bringing back real plant based food.


The Holy Smoke has a 12 month frozen shelf life, and 10 days once thawed.

Holy Smoke Burger (8 x 200g)